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Delicious Subscriptions

Cheese, wine, sparkling wine, champagne ... (coming soon: TINNED FISH!)  All the delicious things from the Merc, carefully curated for you every month. Subscriptions automatically renew month-to-month but you can cancel or pause any time. Scroll down to see the options.  Pick up @ the Merc only: no shipping.

MM Cheese Club

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Let's start with cheese. Why should wine people have all the fun? If you've ever been in our store you know we have a unique and varied selection of, and immense love for, cheese.  For all you turophiles, we've got your back.
As a member of our Cheese Club you can expect 3-4 unique and not widely available cheeses each month, along with background on the makers, the cheese and its history, pairing with other cheeses and wine, and more. Members will also have access to and advanced notice of special tastings and events, the opportunity to pre-order hard-to-source or limited-edition cheeses, and Lulas applied to each monthly purchase. The Luxe edition includes extra spreads and goodies.

Still Wine Clubs

For the uninitiated and oenophiles alike, it's the Marina Mercantile Wine Club. Choose from two or six bottles a month OR a red-wine only version, curated by our WSET-certified staff. We curate each month based on season, availability, and what we find exciting to help you explore the world of wine. White, red, rosé, sparkling; you never know what you're going to get, but you know it will be delicious, and that you likely won’t be able to find it anywhere else nearby. 

And it’s not just wine: You’ll receive tasting notes, winemaker stories, and food pairing recommendations with each bottle. Further club benefits include members only tastings, advanced notice of events, Lulas applied to each monthly payment, and we'll waive our in-house corkage fee.

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The Sparkling Edit

Are you a fool for bubbles, like me? Join me as we explore the world of sparkling wines and you will receive two bottles a month! You will also get the same great extras we provide our still wines club members, like winemaker stories, tasting notes, pairing suggestions and recipes.

Champagne Only

When Champagne  is your one true love, choose this option for two bottles a month of the original and arguably greatest of the sparklers. We emphasize grower champagnes, with occasional very special selections of the blending houses. 

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