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Food & Drink

Lunch and Dinner

Small Plates

Olives and Almonds

Picholines olives from Morroco and Valencia almonds from Spain -- both imported by Seattle companies!


Bavarian Pretzel

Delicious hot pretzel with sweet mustard and (optional) pimento cheese.



w/Pimento Cheese


Tinned Fish Setup

Buy a tin of delicious seafood from our selection and for $6 more we’ll set you up with all you need to enjoy it right here!


Warm Plates

Bacon-wrapped Dates

Stuffed with Organic Goat Cheese



Ask for today's flavor. Made with Arborio rice and the finest cheeses and other ingredients.


Brie en Croute

The classic. Baked in pastry, topped with jam and toasted almonds.



Sardine Toast

Crispy flatbread topped with a mild spicy tomato sauce, imported sardines, and parsley



Smoky, delicious DOP Speck w/carmelized onions, tomato jam, goat cheese, topped with piparra peppers


Vegan Vespa

Kite Hill "ricotta," thinly-sliced lemon, olive oil, honey, salt and pepper.



Fine domestic and international sheep, goat, and cow's milk cheeses, cured meats, spreads, fruit, and crackers.


Three cheeses of the week, crackers, fruit



This weeks delicacies, crackers, fruit.


Meat & Cheese

FOUR meats, four cheeses, nuts, fruit, crackers .



Smoked Salmon

Thin slices of smoked salmon served with capers, cornichons, pickled red onions, sliced tomatoes, and cream cheese. Choice of Aaron's bagels.


This Week's Special Cheese

Carefully selected to fit the season, a shareable platter of the cheesemaker's art with accompaniments to match.


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